is a key element in our ability
to deliver industry-leading, high-quality
sterile preparations.
we build
into everything we do
Unique Pharmaceuticals is among few facilities nationally
with the strongest measures for quality and patient

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Unique Pharmaceuticals, a 503B compounding outsourcing facility, announces its operational transformation is complete and the company becomes one of few in the nation to meet newly established U.S. Food and Drug Administration guidelines. Read more. 

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Core Preparations

We provide core preparations in anesthesia, emergency services, general medicine, labor and delivery, and pain management to hospitals and surgery centers across the nation.

Drug Shortage

Unique Pharmaceuticals serves as a trusted partner to our customers, delivering reliable preparations when urgency matters.

We provide solutions for our clients and meet the needs for shortage preparations.


At Unique Pharmaceuticals patient safety is our number one priority and we’re dedicated to ensuring the quality of our compounded sterile preparations.

That’s why we built the framework of our Quality Management System around our Quality by Design Program.